Patented medical instrument for 

SAVIOLUM device stimulates cells of afflicted tissues by energy quanta emerging during therapy directly to the subatomic level. It uses the principle of magnetic resonance of hydrogen nuclei for the effective treatment of acute and chronic diseases in the musculoskeletal system.

This therapy uses unique physical possibilities of the method to promote regeneration and tissue repair by delivering energy repair of quaternary structure of proteins - the molecules of life. For this purpose, the magnetic resonance of nuclei of hydrogen atoms can be used. They are in all tissues in significant quantities. Resonant stimulated hydrogen nuclei produce the energy quanta supporting the biochemistry of life. The physical principle is therefore similar to a magnetic resonance diagnosis, but with a much smaller and friendlier energy levels.

It is proven that magnetic resonance therapy has significant therapeutic effects for particularly arthrosis and large and small chondromalacia, the abnormal softening or degeneration of cartilage, in vertebral joints, and is used for other degenerative diseases. This is a non-invasive method, which does not require immediate contact with the body's surface and has high level safety ratings.

The uniqueness of the method is based on three steps periodically repeated every second:

  • very small but precisely dosed resonance of electromagnetic oscillations produced from the device will significantly increase energy from the massive amount of nuclei of hydrogen atoms in the treated body area
  • directly from these resonant activated cores (not outside the body), then disperse photons of electromagnetic waves carrying sufficient quanta of energy which are transported to the destination without overcoming various barriers
  • energy quanta of electromagnetic energy can be applied to repair the faults in the intermolecular interactions that shape higher spatial structure of complex biomolecules (e.g. collagen, haemoglobin, various enzymes, including the Krebs cycle enzymes)

Examples of proved indications

  • degenerative musculoskeletal diseases, particularly osteoarthritis and chondromalacia of large and small joints
  • vertebrogennic degenerative and posttraumatic diseases of different etiopathogenesis, causes and development
  • supportive treatment of injuries in the area of musculoskeletal system
  • aseptic bone necrosis
  • supportive therapy in comprehensive regional pain syndromes
  • treatment of pain
  • peripheral polyneuropathy
  • support for the treatment of degenerative diseases of various organs and tissues
  • cosmetic applications
  • adjunctive therapy at vegetative disbalances

Main advantages

  • treated cell tissues are stimulated by energy quanta arising during therapy directly at the subatomic level
  • device is priced to be readily available, safe, and operation is extremely simple
  • confirmed clinically effective treatment for chronic musculoskeletal diseases
  • fully equivalent effect of costly devices for use in energy of magnetic resonance therapy treatments