Ing. Karel KRAUS, MBA
Statutory Representative

Karel Kraus is a graduate of Technical Cybernetics at Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague and of the MBA program at the City University of Washington.
He began his career in professional positions in IT industry in the private and also academic sectors. Between 1993 - 2011 he worked as manager of the Research Centre of Prague in the American company Rockwell Automation Inc.. In 1996, he was one of the founders of CertiCon Inc.
Currently, he works as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and also Vice Chairman of CertiCon Inc., and also as the statutory representative of EMBITRON Ltd., HydroCon Inc., and EnergyCon Ltd., which belong to the CertiCon Group.

doc. PhDr. Ing. Jaroslav PRŮCHA, MD., Ph.D. 
Director of Science and Research

Jan Průcha graduated in biocybernetics. He continued his studies in medical electronics and medical biophysics. He also studied philosophy, history, and didactics of natural sciences. He worked for the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, where he devoted himself to the research of biophysical and biochemical interactions of living organisms. Next he worked at several universities and research centers in the Czech Republic and abroad. He cooperates with the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Czech Technical University and the Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection. His main area of current interests is the research and development of new medical technologies using physical energy. He is the author or co-author of many scholarly articles and several monographs, textbooks and books, and he also participates in the work of specialized working groups of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to promote exports and international industrial and scientific-technical cooperation. He very closely cooperates with a number of Czech and foreign medical faculties and leading medical centers. He is actively involved in the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices of Czech Republic. Within EMBITRON Inc. he leads several new research projects.